This great tumblr only features drawings on cats, my kind of tumblr.

(PS I'm thinking of getting this one tattooed)

Thousands Under Ninety

Another great side project from Jessica Hische, Thousands Under Ninety, lets you be rewarded for all your hard work.

Astronomy for a rainy Monday

We have had so much rain recently that there has been very little opportunity for stargazing (not that I am in any way complaining about the rain).  To compensate, here are some astronomy-related videos and links for inspiration. :)

Firstly, another beautiful time-lapse video from Knate Myers.  The photos used were all taken from astronauts aboard the ISS.  The soundtrack is from the movie Sunshine (which I only recently saw) and lends a gravity (no pun intended) to the video.

Speaking of the ISS, our favourite astronaut, Col. Chris Hadfield has been quite active since returning to Earth.  He has released a book An Astronaut's Guide to Life on Earth, is championing Movember (see video below), and was also interviewed about the new movie Gravity and his fear of floating off into space.

And, if you haven't seen it already, this fantastic cartoon, written by Hadfield and illustrated by Gavin Aung Than is really uplifting and I think can apply to any goal in your life.

And lastly, a great video (below) and article about the Very Large Array that was used in the movie Contact.

Llama Font

Seriously, go to and type in anthing to be siad in Llama, made my day.

Cat Massage

After a long weekend, this is possibly one of the best videos to start your week with!  I love the 'Whisker Watch Alert' lol.

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